ePump Double Install

epump double install

Your vision isn’t blurred, you are seeing  double! We recently completed our first twin ePump install at a costal block in Porangahau. 

The twin solar panels, pump 3.6m3 per hour to a height of 50m – that’s a total of about 40m3 per day – providing water for a large cattle block.

Previously farm owners had to check the pump twice a day to refuel and start – if they got fuel amounts wrong, water would overflow and be wasted.

This made it expensive to run, unreliable, with safety and fire issues… Now it’s fully automatic, the farmer is able to get back to what he does best.

No time spent travelling – as the ePump is a DIY set and forget system- which does not require electricity or batteries to run.

Each ePump kitset includes a standalone, fully automatic, low voltage, solar pumping system.

It will pump both clean and dirty water efficiently and sustainably. Simply unpack and follow our easy instruction guide for a solution that’s simple, reliable, cost effective and robust.

See the website for more information.