Win! The Water Vision wireless water tank level monitoring system

water vision wireless water monitor

Has your farm got the best view in Hawke’s Bay? We’d love to see it! Upload a photo of your favourite farm vista to the comments section on our Facebook post. 

One lucky winner will receive a Water Vision wireless water tank level monitoring system.

This allows you to find out exactly how full your tank is, be alerted about a leak in as little as five minutes, and monitor everything straight from your mobile!

The wireless system has been designed for home and farm use. It has user settable tank + pump names, and is monitored from your phone, using Android or Apple apps.

Water Vision will tell you how many days of water you have remaining based on average usage and rainfall. This can be from one day to six months.

Water Vision will warn you when levels are getting low – either set using number of days for the alert to appear (which can be how long it will take to get water delivered), or set a percentage level that will alert when the water goes below this level.

Only one farm can take it out – whose will it be? Enter now for massive bragging rights throughout Hawke’s Bay for years to come!