Introducing: ePump Basic

Farmers can now keep their troughs full for less with ePump.

The original ePump solar water pump system, which helps get much needed water to stock on remote hill country farms, has been revamped to deliver a lower cost option.

ePump technology is still the same, as is the goal – to get water to stock without electricity, especially in remote hill country properties.

Isaac’s Director Shane Heaton says the main point of difference with ePump Basic is to give people another option.

“Solar is a fantastic alternative, we combined that with a motor and pump that farmers could rely on to keep their stock troughs full, and came up with a winning solution,” he says.

“We have taken that concept and replaced the stainless steel casing with a hard wearing plastic option for even better value.

“The system is fully automatic, operates like a standard pumping system and we have just come up with some clever features to maximise pumping time and protect the motor.”

ePump Basic can still pump up to 120 metres of head and up to 20 litres per minute in daylight hours and can withstand the harshest environments.

It can fill stock troughs on hillsides up to 120 metres on hill country and unlike other options it can draw both clean and dirty water.

The sun’s energy is used to drive the pump and deliver water to parts of the farm where it’s never been seen before.

Another benefit was the ability to reduce your carbon footprint with the environmentally friendly system.

Although the ePump was primarily developed for farms, it could also be used for hunting and tramping huts, as a reliable water source for the Pacific Islands and on various international aid projects.

Please note: The ePump basic has been updated, learn more about the current ePump here: