Nigel Shaw | Senior Switchboard Manufacturer

Our Senior Switchboard Manufacturer, Nigel Shaw brings decades of experience in industrial electrical installations to Isaac’s Pumping and Electrical.

For the past 15 months, he has been part of our Hastings team – assembling switch boards for various projects.

Nigel says many years spent in the industrial electrical sector have given him a solid grasp on the industry, and allow him to tackle many aspects of the job.

“I have been in industrial electrical industry for my entire career, now I am at the tail end I no longer want to be crawling under machinery – but I still really like a challenge,” he says.

“Primarily we are working on irrigation and pumping projects, but we continue to expand into refrigeration, and other industrial areas such as robotics in automation and material handling.”

Nigel is also able to bring expertise to clients to ensure electrical safety in the workplace, i.e.: installing interlocks and guards.

“We are able to help with upgrades where you have people and machinery working in close proximity.”

He is excited to be part of an experienced team, with vast background in the local electrical and pumping industry.

“It’s so important to enjoy the work you do and Isaac’s owners Gavin and Shane have created a really positive work environment.”