Smart lighting solutions

Isaacs lighting solutions

Now’s the time to check your lighting and think about any upgrades that may need to be completed, at work or home.

We advise thinking about your systems and how you could improve them, before winter arrives says Isaac’s Director Shane Heaton.

“LED lighting is a great solution for lighting in commercial or residential situations and can be used for security,” he says.

“These systems can be installed on sensors or timers – depending on your requirements and the layout of your business or property. Isaac’s stocks a range of LED lights and can also follow through with installation, which makes the process easier for our customers.”

As light is lower in winter it’s also a timely reminder to ensure appropriate lighting is being used indoors.

Fluorescent lights, which are becoming more commonly used in homes and offices are an efficient source of energy, but are they the right solution for your workplace?

Our experienced team can assess, suggest and install the best lighting solution.

“You want to create a great working environment for your staff. If you get the lighting right that means conditions are more conducive to a happy and healthy workplace.”