Smart Meters – Isaac’s Stock Water Manager

Isaac’s Stock Water Manager is changing the game when it comes to keeping tabs on water reticulation systems from afar.

Our standard pulse output water meter can be installed in a gravity line or linked directly to a pump. One key benefit is the time saved by not having to physically check stock water levels.

The meter sends accurate information to a telemetry unit and secure website allowing you to decipher exactly what stock are drinking in real time.

Being able to access data remotely frees up time, and delivers a sense of security while away on holiday.

Alerts can be programmed to email or text when water levels dip low, or usage is higher than normal. The system integrates with Vodafone and Spark 2G/ 3G modems and data is viewable online.

Powered by solar, the Stock Water Manager runs on a high capacity battery, with applications including soil moisture monitoring, access to information from weather stations and more.

There are two options – a flow meter which makes it simple to identify water leaks, manage your water resource and in turn maximise production; or a float switch, which offers security of water supply, saves time and reduces the need for maintenance.