Manage your stock’s water the SMART way.

With Isaac’s virtual stock water manager you can monitor water levels anywhere, anytime.

The standard pulse output water meter can be installed in a gravity line or directly to a pump. This will accurately provide information to the telemetry unit and to a secure website and enables simple and exact information of what your stock are drinking in real time.

  • Automated programmable alerts by email or text when levels are low (with additional float switch) or outside typical usage.

  • Monitor daily/hourly stock usage and pump efficiency.

  • Integrated Vodafone/Spark (2G/3G) modem.

  • Applications include soil moisture monitoring, weather stations and more.

  • Data viewable via secure website.

Key Features


  • Maximise Production

  • Identify water leaks

  • Manage your Water Resource

  • Financial Savings


  • Security of water supply

  • Time Saving

  • Reduce System Maintenance and Breakdowns