Spring Checklist

Farm Water Pumping Checklist 
Avoid the rush to get an annual check for your farm pumps.

Spring is the time to ensure the security and reliability of your stock water supply, which will be in peak demand come summer, says Isaac’s Pump Technician Matt Gibson.

“We’re looking at preventative maintenance – we will come in, check for any worn parts that may need replacing and give the pump a once over,” says  Matt.

“Older style pumps will need an oil check. We’re going to make sure everything is looking good and clean – it’s basically the equivalent of a warrant of fitness for your car.”

The idea is to be proactive NOT reactive – so come the height of summer, when  stock need water, there are no issues getting access to it. The software we have enables us to automatically log when your pump needs servicing, which means you can get on with more important work, knowing that water won’t be a problem when you need it most.

Every six months

  • We recommend a pump check to make sure water is pumping clean without any debris or minerals (Iron/ Manganese)  that could damage the pump and/or hinder its performance.
  • If filters/strainers are used, the filter cartridge must be changed or cleaned at this point.

Every twelve months

  • Check air pressure in pressure tank and maintain.
  • Operation of system set points and safety.
  • A full check should be conducted to protect the system and avoid any failures.
  • Pump flow and pressure test against the manufacturers curve details.
  • Ensure electrical switchboard is safe and reliable.

Water Pump Performance 
This can be easily overlooked, but water flow and pressure can be affected by wear to pump impellers over time. Checking flow and pressures are close as possible to the operating design is critical to achieving results.

Seasonal Plan
Look at your seasonal calendar, to identify your higher production and lower productions areas. Does your system have the capability to isolate areas of lower performance if the season is especially dry? If not this may be something we need to address.

General Electrical 
We recommend getting Isaac’s out to give your home or business the once over and make sure everything is in great working order. A quick service of your Switchboard and Variable Speed Drive can save you thousands!

UV Filters 
Safe drinking water for your family is easy with our range of water filtration systems. Isaac’s stocks Puretec filters, designed to eliminate active bacteria and other contaminants, that can be found in your home’s water system. If you already have a UV filter installed, remember to service it before the warmer weather arrives. UV lamps, used to clean the water supply do have a life span, and need replacing every 12 months.