Water Quality – Safe Drinking Water

Keeping drinking water safe for your family this summer is easy with our range of water filtration systems.

We stock select Puretec filters, designed to eliminate active bacteria and other contaminants, that may be found in your home’s water system.

They can be used to treat e-coli and bacteria, remove iron, soften water, and reduce the likelihood of scale build up.

Prioritise safe, healthy water by installing one of our mains whole house filter systems, some of which are designed to eliminate chlorine in drinking water.

Rainwater whole house filters can be used to remove sediment, rid water of bad taste and odours, while more advanced options offer bacteria protection.

Isaac’s Director Gavin Streeter says installing a water filtration system is a great way to give people peace of mind.

“An inquiry into Havelock North drinking water quality earlier this year, revealed the Hastings District has New Zealand’s worst record for contaminated water,” he says.

“We know it’s become such a huge priority, and a water filter is a simple solution to give the whole family safe, healthy water to drink and bathe in every day.”

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