Water Testing? – We’ve got you covered!

water testing. we have you covered

Want to know just how safe your drinking water is?

We’ve joined forces with Water Testing Hawke’s Bay (WTHB), to bring water standards up to scratch throughout Central Hawke’s Bay and Hastings.

Testing is compliant with new national Drinking Water Standards, which came into play last month. Changes were prompted by the Havelock North water crisis in 2016, when a serious contamination caused thousands throughout the region to fall ill.

“The way we view water has changed entirely. We feel it’s really important to be on the front foot when it comes to ensuring water supplies are safe,” Isaac’s Director Gavin Streeter said.

“Since the water contamination two years ago – there’s a heightened awareness around water quality. To find out if your water is healthy – pick up a testing kit from us in Waipawa or Hastings and have it checked by one of Zealand’s leading regional bacteriological water-testing and analysis laboratories.”

The arrangement with Isaac’s establishes a WTHB depot in CHB which will enable residents, businesses and schools easy access to accredited testing services.

Drop off is available during our opening hours of 6.30am to 5pm – and will include testing of spa and pool water.

When results come back we can help determine the best solution going forward. Mr Streeter said this could include treatment of water tanks, changing of pipes, or installing a filter.

“The key here is that Isaac’s is able to assist – from providing a sample kit or form, to prognosis – we can then help implement a workable solution for the client.”